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ADesignGuy is a full service Digital agency headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. We are a bunch of adman chums, who have worked at several leading advertising agencies and web developing companies for one year now. We are very well versed as well as highly capable in doing what we are best at. Our existence is completely based upon the success of our clients. We help our clients clearly to define their goals, objectives and develop customized marketing plans specifically geared towards meeting and exceeding their goals and objectives. Our creative services, media buying, and research are all in a house, which means a significantly faster turnaround time for all projects for our clients.

Since 2017 we were approached by Abhinav Mahajan we have never looked back

How we’re different

We are process driven, we will give our best no matter what. We believe in 0 excuses. If we have given our word to deliver the Founding team will personally make sure that they make sure to get the work done. Be it a team mate falling sick, holidays causing issue in timeline.. whatever. We are the go-to people to get the work done.

UI/UX Design


Adobe XD, Premiere Pro, Wireframing Photoshop all in one agency needs with Adesignguy.



Website, or individual website page, can be static or dynamic. A static site contains data that does not change. It continues as before, or static, A site, or individual website page, can be static or dynamic.



ADG provides a fantastic marketing experience and its facilities accommodate everyone's needs.



SEO termed as search engine optimization is one of the essential device of internet advertising, ensures the higher rating of website.



In this technologically driven world, achieving a lasting online presence is an aim that businesses need to pursue.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Why Choose ADesignGuy for Development & Design

At ADesignGuy, we understand the importance of bringing your vision to life with precision and creativity. Our team of dedicated developers and designers are experts in their respective fields, ensuring quality and innovation in every project.

Expert Shopify Developers
Hire seasoned Shopify developers skilled in creating custom apps and themes with Liquid, enhancing your e-commerce platform’s capabilities.
WordPress Wizards
Our WordPress experts specialize in both theme and plugin development, ensuring a flexible and robust website for your business.
ReactJS & NextJS Specialists
Build dynamic, high-performance web applications with our ReactJS and NextJS developers, focused on speed, SEO, and user experience.
NestJS Backend Engineers
Leverage the power of NestJS for your server-side needs with our backend engineers, ensuring scalable and maintainable code.
UI/UX Design Visionaries
Our UI/UX designers craft visually stunning and intuitive interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.
Dedicated Web Development Team
Get a full-time, part-time, or contract-based team of web developers proficient in modern technologies to bring your project to life.

It’s time to build something exciting!

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A Design Guy, helped with all the content and design for our 3 to 4 clients as a ghost dev and design team.

Jenny Björklöf

Product Designer, 9 Studio